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COVID-19 is rapidly spreading, and your health is our priority. With no vaccine available yet, the best way to keep our communities safe and prevent illness caused by the new strain of coronavirus is to avoid exposure. But what does that mean for the medical aesthetics industry?

What to Know

• The most common COVID-19 symptoms resemble those of your average respiratory infection—fever, cough, shortness of breath—and tend to be mild in most cases.

• However, if you or anyone in your household is exhibiting even mild cold symptoms, please call to cancel your appointment. YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED a cancellation fee.

• Additionally, if you have a child that is home sick from school, please DO NOT bring them to the office. As a policy, you will not be seen for an appointment.

• On our end, we are taking enhanced safety measures by regularly disinfecting all high-touch areas including workstations, product displays, check in/out areas, and hygiene stations with hospital-grade cleaner.

• Thank you for working with us to keep our community safe. We understand that you are often excited for your appointment (listen, we get it-we LOVE our aesthetics treatments!), but please remember these are cosmetic procedures and we must work to protect the safety of our staff and post-surgical patients.

To cancel or reschedule your appointment, please call the office at 804-560-5260.

Should any permanent changes be made in regards to the office closing, we will POST TO ALL OUR SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS.

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