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Seeking relief from fatigue, depression, or recurring illnesses? Feeling run-down and in need of a holistic health solution? You may benefit from a revolutionary IV therapy called a Myers’ cocktail, which works by boosting the concentration of several essential vitamins and minerals directly into a patient’s bloodstream.

What’s a Myers’ Cocktail?
The therapy that is now known as the Myers’ Cocktail was invented by Dr. John Myers, a Baltimore-based physician who pioneered the use of intravenous vitamins and minerals to treat a variety of health concerns. After Myers’ death in 1984, his fellow physician, Dr. Alan Gaby, took over treating many of Myers’ patients with IV regimens. In working with these patients, Gaby noticed he could improve a wide range of conditions and complaints with regular IV treatments.

Gaby’s subsequent research has led to a large amount of evidence supporting the efficiency of IV nutrient therapies to help patients with various ailments attain an improved quality of life. The “Myers’ Cocktail,” as it is now called, is a powerful blend of medical-grade nutrients, including vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and a complex of B vitamins.

Myers’ Cocktail contains the following:
● High-dose of vitamin C: Medically administered high doses of vitamin C via Myers’ drips are prized for their ability to prevent stress and fatigue. Vitamin C also has other benefits including anti-aging and an immune system boost.
● Calcium: Maintains strength of cartilage and bone.
● Magnesium: Essential for muscle contraction, relaxation and enhanced blood flow.
● B12 complex: B vitamins provide energy and are excellent for overall health.

Who Can Benefit From a Myers’ Cocktail?
At River City Hydration Station, we recommend the Myers’ Cocktail to anyone who is looking for an all-natural way to feel better almost instantly. This includes people who feel healthy overall, but may need an additional improvement in mood or energy to help them get through a challenging week or event.

A Myers’ Cocktail can also help people who have an increased need for specific nutrients, including athletes, students or professionals under high levels of chronic stress, as well as patients with lowered immune function.

Additionally, the Myers’ Cocktail has been documented as an effective therapy for people who suffer from the following concerns and conditions:

● Asthma
● Migraine and tension headaches
● Fatigue, including chronic fatigue syndrome and adrenal fatigue
● Fibromyalgia and chronic pain
● Acute muscle spasms
● Upper respiratory tract infections
● Chronic sinusitis
● Seasonal allergies
● Depression, anxiety and the effects of acute and chronic stress
● Hormonal imbalances

Some patients feel an energy boost lasting days or weeks after receiving the Myers’ Cocktail therapy. Patients with fibromyalgia, headaches or other chronic pain conditions report a decrease in their overall pain levels. People with chronic asthma, allergies and other respiratory complaints may find they have more energy and fewer symptoms. Finally, patients who are prone to developing infections may benefit from an improved immune response, with less susceptibility to viral illnesses.

Why Use IV Therapy?
IV therapy has been proven so effective because administering nutrients intravenously helps us achieve higher concentrations than we can with regular oral dosing. IV administration is also appropriate for patients with digestive health problems or food sensitivities, who are often unable to fully absorb orally administered nutrients. By introducing the nutrients directly into your bloodstream, we can bypass your digestive system completely and provide a 100 percent absorption rate.

Also, IV therapy increases nutrient levels in the bloodstream, which kickstarts the mitochondria in your body’s cells to produce energy more efficiently and deliver it to all areas of your body.

What to Expect During Myers’ Cocktail Therapy
First, one of our trained nursing staff will insert a small catheter into one of your veins, and deliver the infusion over 20 to 30 minutes, monitoring your vital signs before, during and after your treatment.

Side effects of the Myers’ Cocktail are very rare and almost always are limited to local pain or irritation of the vein that had the IV insertion. The most common sensations associated with the Myers’ Cocktail are warmth and flushing, which is a result of the magnesium. Some patients also report tasting the vitamins soon after the infusion begins. To prevent you from feeling faint or dizzy during or after your treatment, we recommend that you drink plenty of water and eat a meal or a snack before receiving your IV therapy.

How Often Should I Get a Myers’ Cocktail?
How often you receive treatment depends on your individual needs, as well as the condition you are addressing. For more acute conditions, like sinusitis, muscle spasms or an upper respiratory infections, you may notice feeling better after only one or two infusions of the Myers’ Cocktail.

In preparation for a demanding athletic event such as a marathon or sports competition, or in anticipation of a stressful period in life such as a wedding or travel, you may want to get a Myers’ Cocktail weekly over three to five weeks. As you notice an improvement in your stress and energy levels, you can taper down the frequency.

People who suffer from chronic conditions such as allergies, migraines or general fatigue can get a Myers’ Cocktail once or twice a month for general health maintenance and to help support immune function. Many patients with ongoing conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and depression choose to continue the infusions every one to four weeks, or whenever they feel their energy levels slipping down.

Stop in for a Visit Today
Hundreds of patients have benefited from safe, effective and all-natural Myers’ Cocktail infusions for a wide variety of clinical conditions. If you are looking for a way to feel better with the power of nutritional support, consider IV vitamin therapy as your gateway to achieving balanced health.

At River City Hydration Station, we have helped people just like you realize how IV therapies like the Myers’ Cocktail can be an excellent solution for treating a variety of health conditions. If you’re feeling run-down or ill, and you haven’t found relief from traditional remedies, call our Richmond clinic to schedule your in-person visit or in-home treatment today.


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