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Risks, side effects & aftercare:

Something that many men are concerned about when getting a hair transplant are the possible risks and side effects. Although having a good head of hair is important to a lot of men, most wouldn’t want to risk their health to attain it.

The good news is that because NeoGraft is a form of FUE hair transplant, there are no serious risks associated with the procedure. This is because it’s minimally invasive and doesn’t require any incision to be made on the scalp, unlike an FUT hair transplant. Any minor issues that might arise during the procedure can be easily dealt with although complications are rare.

Side effects

Although there are little-to-no risks associated with NeoGraft hair transplants, there are a few side effects that you should be aware of. Immediately following your hair transplant, it’s normal for the donor area to be quite sore and red. This applies to the recipient area also. The redness and swelling will reduce after a matter of days and is a perfectly normal side effect of having a hair transplant.

The other major side effect of a NeoGraft hair transplant is shedding. Your hair grows in cycles so when new hair is transplanted, it’s normal for it to fall out after around 3 weeks. It will start to grow in again at around 3-4 months post-transplant and then continue to grow at a normal rate.

It’s worth noting that shedding is a normal part of any type of hair transplant and not particular to NeoGraft procedures.


Immediately following a hair transplant, it’s extremely important that you avoid any activities that could dislodge the newly transplanted hair. One of the major aftercare steps you must follow for the new hair to take properly is sleeping in a semi-sitting position. This helps to minimize swelling and prevents you from inadvertently damaging the grafts while sleeping.

It’s also important that you avoid any strenuous activity in the first few days after your procedure. This is because excessive sweating can disrupt the healing process and make the swelling worse. You should also avoid wearing any tight or restrictive headwear, such as baseball caps.

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