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“I just wanted to say thank you for ‘being there’ for a patient in need today. You all were so responsive and accommodating when I called and shared a friend’s encounter with what seemed a lack of empathy. As a nurse, it is always so refreshing when other medical professionals don’t lose sight of the fact that at any moment it could be ourselves or a loved one who needs a helping hand. What a terrible day for my friend turned out to be a great one. I really appreciate it.”

- Denise

“Dr. Lynam, thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job with my surgery. I really appreciate it. I was so worried and everything turned out just like I wanted it to. It is so great not to have my big left breast anymore.”

- Jane

“I have enjoyed the services of the skin care specialists at RSA since it began business in Richmond five years ago. The staff is always friendly and helpful. They see clients promptly at their scheduled appointment times and are most willing to work around clients’ scheduling conflicts. Even better, the specialized treatments I have received have given my skin a renewed life with fewer fine lines, elimination of spider veins, and minimization of blemishes. I recommend their services regularly and am happy to say that may of my friends are now clients as well. ”

- Linda

“I could never ask for a better staff. Everyone is very professional and helpful. I am 33 years old with very difficult-to-treat adult acne. Amy has helped me improve the texture and manage my acne with laser skin treatments and skin care regimens. I have also begun laser hair removal with fantastic results. ”

- Stacy

“I have had great results with the skin care treatments I’ve received at RSA. My skin has always been sensitive due to rosacea. My skin has responded well to the skin treatments, becoming more resilient and smooth, as well as losing much of the redness caused by the rosacea. My skin feels ten years younger and I feel confident without make-up for the first time ever!!! Thanks for everything your staff has done to help meet my skin care needs. ”

- Kristi

“Dr. Lynam, thank you so much for doing such an amazing job on my lower body lift. You will never know what a difference it has made in my life in such a short period of time. You gave me my self-esteem back after struggling with being morbidly obese for most of my adolescent years. I have now been able to close that chapter in my life and start over. I love shopping for clothes now. Dr. Lynam, you truly make a difference for men and women both in the Richmond area. ”

- Kristen

“I am writing this letter to let others know how pleased I have been with Richmond Surgical Arts. The entire staff is friendly, knowledgeable and very professional. They are current on all new procedures and skin treatments. Their care is based on individual needs. I am a 56-year-old woman who suffered from acne and sun damage. The skin care nurses designed a skin care routine just for me. I know it has helped my appearance and self-image. You will feel special when you visit them. ”

- Patty

“I am a 36-year-old and found myself struggling with the onset of wrinkles, age spots and even some adult acne. With one treatment of the IPL laser, I noticed a huge difference, revealing skin that looked 10 years younger. The fine lines and sun damaged darker areas on my face improved dramatically, and that was just the first treatment. The procedure was painless and the only side effect was a pink look to my skin that lasted a day. The freckles turned dark in the next few days and within a week they sloughed off to reveal the clear skin underneath. The other laser treatment I tried, The Fraxel, was even better. But not only was I thrilled with my results, my friends couldn’t believe the difference and noticed right away that my skin looked clear, wrinkle free and healthy. My skin has a firmness and glow to it that I haven’t seen since I was 20! There was no downtime with either of these procedures except for some redness and a little swelling in the first 48 hours with the Fraxel-well worth it! ”

“At 35, I started to notice that the lines around my eyes were becoming deeper and deeper and my smile became overshadowed by the noticeable change. I finally got up the nerve to try Botox, and what a difference that made! Just a couple of small pricks and the deep creases under and around my eyes seemed to disappear. My face and smile seem softer and more natural and the lines and wrinkles that were bothering me so much before are gone. I tried it on my forehead soon after and the lines across my forehead smoothed out completely; I kept all expressions but lost the wrinkles! ”

“I am 35 and in my busy life with 3 kids I was tired of worrying about shaving. Also, the older I got the more sensitive my skin was becoming to razor burn, especially on my under arms and bikini area. The laser hair removal was great. Not only do I not have to worry about shaving anymore but I don’t have to deal with embarrassing red bumps and razor burn. The skin in those areas is now totally smooth and free of annoying hair. I highly recommend this for any busy mom who doesn’t have time to worry about shaving before taking the kids to the pool. After 4-6 sessions-you’re free! ”

“I have been a patient of Richmond Surgical Arts/Skin Rejuvenation Center for 2+ years. I have been thrilled with all of the skin treatments I have received and with the staff as well. They are not only a very professional and knowledgeable group, but also the friendliest and most accommodating group that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I look forward to each and every visit and know that they will keep me apprised of all the latest and greatest treatments that are out there. ”


Richmond Surgical Arts - Driving Directions - The ONLY way to get here is Chippenham Parkway to Stony Point Parkway. Your GPS may route you through the neighborhood behind the practice which has a gate that blocks access. Please be careful to access the practice on Chippenham Parkway.

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