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NeoGraft Vs FUT

NeoGraft is an FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedure. The other main type of hair transplant that’s performed today is FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). The main difference between the two procedures is how the donor hair is extracted. In an FUT hair transplant, a strip of skin is cut from the back of the patient’s head and the grafts are then extracted from this strip.

With a NeoGraft FUE hair transplant, the grafts are extracted individually from the donor area without any need to make an incision. This means that NeoGraft hair transplants come with some key advantages over FUT.

Advantages of NeoGraft hair transplants:

  • No scar

    One of the biggest benefits of FUE over FUT is that there’s no visible scar left behind. In an FUT procedure, surgeons take care to make the scar as small as possible but it’s still very noticeable when the hair is cut very short. With a NeoGraft transplant, this isn’t something you have to worry about, which means you have more choices for how to wear your hair without having to be self-conscious about a scar showing.


  • Faster procedure

  • While getting a hair transplant is mostly free of pain and discomfort, it still requires you to be in one place for an extended time. This being the case, most patients would rather the procedure time be as brief as possible. With a NeoGraft hair transplant, the extraction process is much faster and therefore the overall procedure time is reduced significantly.

  • Less invasive

    Because NeoGraft is an FUE hair transplant, there is no cutting or stitching required. This means it’s a more comfortable and less risky procedure for patients.


  • No scalp tension

    Another benefit of FUE hair transplants is that there is no scalp tension, as is often the case with FUT.With FUT, the strip of skin that’s taken from the back of the head, although small, affects the laxity of the scalp. For most men, this isn’t noticeable but for some it is a problem. This is a risk you avoid entirely with NeoGraft.


  • Faster recovery

    The fact that NeoGraft hair transplants are minimally invasive also means thatthe recovery time is faster and you’re less restricted in what you can do. If your job doesn’t involve much physical labor, you’re usually able to return to work immediately after your procedure.

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