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  1. Be Prepared For Several Procedures
    Pregnancy affects a woman’s entire body. As a result, patients typically want The Mommy Makeover to combine several procedures. Dr. Lynam’s office specializes in breast augmentation, Mastopexy (breast lift), liposuction, Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), Labiaplasty, chemical peels, botox, Fraxel & Ultherapy laser treatments, and Juvederm. Speak with Dr. Lynam about each procedure and consider whether the treatments are right for you. Getting multiple surgeries performed at the same time allows you to start healing right away and quickly experience the body of your dreams. There is no time to waste.
  2. Perform Your Mommy Makeover Once You Are Done Having Children
    A Mommy Makeover is a deeply involved process. You want to make sure your results will last. If you are considering having more children or are leaving the possibility for more children open, you may want to wait to set up your cosmetic procedures. Your body changes with each pregnancy and there is no guarantee your breast augmentation or tummy tuck will return to normal.
  3. Achieve Your Target Weight First
    You need to be in the best possible shape before your makeover so that you can be in even better shape after your makeover! Working out, eating healthy, and avoiding tobacco and alcohol allows your body to respond well to the surgery and recover faster while healing. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will also ensure your results stay beautiful for years to come.
  4. Research The Breasts You Want
    The number one physical area women worry about after giving birth is their chest. During pregnancy, your breasts grow and change drastically. Breast feeding may help them to return to their original size but the shape and location are often impacted. Professional help can be the optimum solution to achieve the results you are looking for. With a Mommy Makeover, you can choose between breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, or a combination. Look up photos of breasts you like and show them to Dr. Lynam. Visuals allow your doctor to see exactly what you are going for. The more visuals the better and with internet access it is easy to find a plethora of examples. Also ask to see “before and after” photos of former patients during your consultation. You want to know your doctor’s work and it is important you feel confident in your decision.
  5. Take Plenty of Time to Heal
    If you are considering a Mommy Makeover chances are you are either a new mother or a mother who has finally decided to treat herself to the body she wants. Either way, you likely have children, a partner, a career, or a variety of other responsibilities that will need to be put on hold while you go through the recovery phase. Do not feel guilty about taking this time for yourself. Hire a babysitter, use your PTO time, and do not work out! If you are willing to go through surgery, you need to be willing to take the time to rest and heal. Your body will look its best once it is able to properly recover.


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