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Where breast enhancement is concerned, one of the major debates is which is the best type of implant to use – saline or silicone. The truth is that there is no set answer to this question since each type of implant has its own pros and cons. However, it is no longer accurate to class silicone implants as being all the same.

There is a new form of silicone breast implants known as gummy bear implants. Although gummy bear implants are still made from silicone, they are much more cohesive, meaning thematerial inside sticks together much stronger. This provides some key benefits when using them for breast enhancement surgery.

What are the advantages of Gummy Bear Implants?

  • Reduced rippling

    One of the issues that can occur with regular silicone implants is rippling. This often occurs after multiple surgeries when the breast tissue has been spread thin. With gummy bear implants, the more solid composition means that rippling is much less likelyto occur.

  • More solid composition means ruptures are much safer

    Another benefit of gummy bear implants over regular silicone implants is that there’s a much- reduced spread if one of them ruptures. This is because gummy bear implants have a more solid composition.

  • No added cost
    Although gummy bear implants provide some key benefits over regular silicone implants, they don’t cost more so the overall fee for your breast enhancement surgery will not be any greater if you opt for them.
  • They are comfortable

    Gummy bear implants are very comfortable once they’ve been placed and many women find them to be lighter and less noticeable in comparison to saline implants.

  • They look and feel natural

    Because of their cohesive structure, gummy bear implants look and feel natural.

Although gummy bear implants are an excellent alternative to regular silicone implants, they do not guarantee a good result on their own. A great result depends on choosing the right surgeon who will properly advise you and be able to help you achieve the look that you desire.

If you’re interested in breast enhancement surgery using gummy bear implants, call our office at 804.560.5260 to schedule a pressure-free consultation with Dr. Lynam