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Chin implant

Chin Augmentation

The chin, like the nose, is a prominent facial feature. Many patients seek to alter the chin to enhance their facial contour.

Often the chin augmentation procedure is combined with other procedures, such as rhinoplasty [“nose job”], to give the face harmony and balance. The chin procedure is highly individualized, and there are several sizes and shapes of implants available. Dr. Lynam will evaluate your bone structure and anatomy to help select the proper implant to help you achieve your goals. Chin implants may be used to enlarge a chin and create a stronger profile. Bone grafts or implant materials may be used to lengthen a chin that appears too short. Chin reduction surgery is also possible. Through experience and proper planning, Dr. Lynam can create a stronger or softer, more youthful and rejuvenated facial appearance, thus improving your image and self-esteem.

Candidates for Chin Procedure

The best candidates are healthy non-smokers who have a positive outlook. At the time of your consultation, your goals, the procedure, and the routine post-operative healing process will be explained in detail and all of your questions will be answered. Your medical history will be reviewed to ensure you are a healthy candidate for surgery.

The Chin Procedure

Using an incision in the mouth or under the chin, the chin can be visualized for placement of the implant.

The implant may occasionally need metal screws to hold it in the proper position. The chin procedure is done on an outpatient basis and takes one hour to perform; it is done under sedation or general anesthesia. Often, submental liposuction is combined with chin augmentation to further enhance one’s appearance. After the procedure is completed, your chin and head may be wrapped to minimize bruising and swelling.

After Surgery

You will be seen soon after surgery for your dressing to be removed and replaced with a chin strap, which will be worn 12 hours per day for 2 weeks, helping to support and minimize any swelling.

Your chin may be swollen, bruised, and sore for several weeks following surgery, thus requiring you to eat soft foods as chewing may be difficult. The scar under the chin will slowly refine and fade over time and if performed from within the mouth, no visible scar is seen.

You will need to keep your head elevated at all times until initial swelling has subsided. Remaining swelling may take several months to resolve. Vigorous exercise routines may resume in one week. You may return to work one week after surgery. The best way to determine if you are a good candidate for the chin procedure is to schedule a consultation. You will learn the reasonable expectations for the goals you wish to achieve.

“I interviewed Dr. Lynam out of three
Surgeons he was by far the best. I was a unique
case and he went beyond the call of duty to make
sure I was happy with my results. I can’t
thank him and his staff enough…
I highly recommend Dr. Lynam. ”
– Chin Implant Patient